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If they do happen simultaneously then what would happen if I want to sacrifice Archon of Justice but B also wants to take control of Archon of Justice? Any abilities that modify how creatures enter the battlefield such as Phyrexian Metamorph 's copying effect or the tribute keyword Nessian Wilds Ravager ; typically these use the word "as", but it can also be something like " enteres the battlefield tapped" apply as they do so.

Then, triggers get put on the stack a triggered ability starts with "When," "Whenever," or "At". The active player the player whose turn it is chooses which order their enters triggers get put on the stack. If any of those triggers are modal "Choose one After the active player does this, each other player in turn order does so too. The stack resolves last-in, first-out, so the last player who had abilities trigger is the first person whose abilities' resolve; the abilities resolve one at a time, in order.

Living death in a sentence

Example using the cards you mentioned: assuming it is player A's turn when the cast Living Death and that there are no other triggers, abilities, spells, or effects to worry about. All of the creatures enter the battlefield. Player A is the active player, and they have only one trigger from Zealous Conscripts. They choose a target for that ability the target may be another creature which just entered the battlefield, but does not have to be.

Let's assume they target player B's Archon of Justice. Player B also has one trigger, from Fleshbag Marauder. This involves no choices as it is put on the stack.

The Fleshbag Marauder trigger resolves. Each player sacrifices a creature. Player A sacrifices her Conscripts, because that's her only creature.

ESO - Skillbook | Living Death

Player B can choose to sacrifice either of his creatures, and chooses the Archon. The Marauder's ability has finished resolving. The Conscripts's ability then starts trying to resolve, but then gets countered by the game rules because all of its targets are now illegal. Because Living Death doesn't say the creatures enter in a particular order, they enter simultaneously. When multiple triggered abilities are trying to go onto the stack at the same time, the active player puts all of his triggers onto the stack in the order of his choice, then the next player in turn order and so on.

A triggered ability with targets has its targets chosen when it's put onto the stack. So, player A arranges triggers first then player B afterwards. Player B resolves first in the order they chose then player A resolves after in the order they chose. Read our series of blogs to find out more.

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