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Use the matches on the candle V. Open the curtain and place the cymbal on the monkey W. Open the birdcage, take the saddle, and place it on the horse X. Place the rider on the horse Y. Find the ankh Z. You will earn the FAN. Look at the campfire and use the FAN on the brushwood A.

Walk up the left path B.

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Look at the net; remove it from the 3 nails to take the NET C. Note the path on the right D. Open the door and enter the shack E. Walk down, then go forward on the right. Walk forward into the mine I. Walk forward 3 times, walk to the right twice, and then go forward. Swap the cards so the symbols are complete R.

Drag the photo to view the dirty area T. Use the AWL to scratch off the dirt and see the code U. Drag the awl back and forth to reveal the code. This sequence is randomly generated; your solution may vary.

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Walk to the left B. Look at the hole in the roof C. Walk down, go right, and enter the gypsy wagon. Look at the table for a mini-game. Drag the pointer to light all the symbols in order without letting go of the pointer The sequence is randomly generated; your solution may vary.

Drag the magnet over the dark areas red ; release the magnet when the shadow H is over a dark area. You will earn the KEY. Walk forward and left. Look at the shed and place the KEY in the lock I.


Look in the shed for a HOP. Place the pumpkin on the scarecrow K. Use the sword on the pumpkin L. Take the key and use it on the chest M. Place the giraffe head on the body to make the giraffe N. Walk down and right. Drag the spoon in a circular motion to stir. Walk to the right and go forward. Walk down 5 times. Enter the cell V. Look in the corner and read the note A.

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Look at the pallet for a HOP C. Use the twig on the trap D. Use the ring on the wolf head and pull it down E. Use the drumsticks on the drum F. Look in the drum to find the mortar G. Use the hammer 3 times on the vessel H. Place the 2 pieces with the third to make the bas-relief I. Look at the alcove and move the wolf heads J to match the diagram K. The diagrams are randomly generated; your solution may vary. Walk forward 3 times, walk to the left, and enter the cabin. Walk forward 4 times, walk left, and go forward twice.

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Look at the press to see the trapped axe head C. Turn the wheel several times F. Walk down 3 times and walk to the right twice. Look at the logs and use the AXE twice on each stake I.

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Move the 4 logs to the raft J. Use the NET on the raft, and then push it out in the water K. Get on the raft. Chapter 5: Return to the Village Walk down from the mill. Note the trap A. Walk to the right B. Open the door and enter the borough D. Select the area on the left for a HOP G. Move the scoop to find the tomahawk H.

Use the knife on the fish to find the hook J. Look in the barrel and place the hook on the line K. Drag the hook over the key and release L. Take the key and use it on the lock M. Place the ring on the hand to make the hand with rings N. Open the curtain and use the shovel to dig up the golden idol O. Walk down twice and go forward 6 times. Look at the bench, read the letter, and take the BOX S. Look at the BOX in your inventory for a mini-game C.

Move the moon phases along the tracks so they are next to their matching moons D. Select the moons in numerical order Zoom into the cabin door, look at the lock and use the GUN on the lock H. Open the door and enter the cabin I. Enter the door on the left K. Note the chest L. Howard A. Aalto A. Nuest A. Thomas A. Dunnewin A. Kahler A. Star A.

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Martin Ann M. Johnson B. Priest B. Series Bang!