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James O'Brian

Deacon tells him to take him to his wife, but O'Brian refuses. He reveals the base Sarah was moved to was overrun by Freakers and she was rescued by the Deschutes County Militia , made up of former soldiers with military-grade weaponry. Because the militia has rocket launchers, it is a no-fly zone to NERO. O'Brian also tells Deacon that the Freakers are evolving at an exponential rate, and that things will only get worse as time goes on. They part ways once again.

Of Days Gone By, by Mark D. Slater – Score & Sound

After successfully joining the militia and finding Sarah, Deacon calls O'Brian to request an airlift out of the militia's fortress, as Colonel Garret , the commanding officer, is becoming more and more unhinged each day. O'Brian has Deacon locate a missing team of four in a cave and take samples from a mutant Freaker called the Reacher.

Deacon finds all but one of them dead, with the survivor dying from his wounds and a breach in his suit. O'Brian becomes emotional and orders Deacon to get out. Deacon then fights the Reacher and kills "him," taking tissue samples for O'Brian, before fleeing from an approaching horde. Deacon scorns O'Brian for his carelessness, which infuriates him, and tells Deacon that he better be ready when the time is right. Upon calling for an airlift, Deacon first has to disable the rocket launchers around the camp so that O'Brian's team can land. Skizzo, who has joined them, recognizes Deacon and attacks him just as the helicopter arrives.

Due to being shot at, O'Brian and his team are forced to abandon Deacon.

In the secret ending of the game, it is revealed that he has been infected with an evolved strain of the Freaker Virus that giving superhuman agility and strength but still enable him to maintain human intelligence. He also warns that NERO is initiating a massive purge at the survivors' settlement and there is nothing Deacon and his people can do to stop them, before departing the scene.

Sign In Don't have an account? Deek is, on the prevailing evidence, a horrible person. Early on, he tells a lady at gunpoint, "I don't shoot women unless I don't have a choice. Do I have a choice? How are we meant to relate to this psycho? The game wants you to spend plus hours with the kind of guys who sound like they watch Infowars.

Days Gone review – the motorcycling dead

As is typical of stories where protagonists have biceps instead of brains — see also Gears of War — the dialogue in Days Gone is bad. Really bad. Really, Bruiser — worse than total societal collapse? Yeah shit! The story between Deek and his missing wife is not touching. But this lazy writing is ubiquitous throughout the game; indeed, it is fundamental to the entire genre within which Days Gone falls. But he has his limits when it comes to being a gruff killer. It made him more interesting as a character.

Bend Studio set Days Gone in its backyard, and you can tell.

Days Gone review: so bad it's funny

The open world is well crafted, with beautiful trees, grasses, mountains, forests, small towns, and other scenery. But the outdoors is the real star here. You see a beautiful field of wildflowers, juxtaposed with dead bodies and burned out cars, and the occasional human camp. The weather changes from bright summer to snowy winter, and the landscape changes to reflect that. Driving your motorcycle through the mud and the snow is a lot harder than in the summer.

The open world has a couple of parts to it, allowing for some variety. The NERO military camps offer a lot of places to run and jump, resulting in mazes where humanity has a chance to survive. Above: Watch out for snipers in Days Gone, until you get your own powerful sniper rifle. The pistols and assault rifles are trash.

Early on, life is tough when you close with the Freakers. Later in the game, things got easier. Once I got the special weapons like a heavy machine gun or the highly lethal sniper rifle, things got much easier.

Days Gone By by Bob Moses on Spotify

I could take aim at a big Freaker like a Breaker and bring him down before he knew what was happening. But sadly, once I picked up a heavy machine gun, the game took it away from me when the mission was over.

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But I earned another version of that weapon later in the game. It took a long time to earn traps, which are explosive devices that you can trigger while on the run. Those were absolutely necessary in fighting off hordes.

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You have to work your way up to the traps. Upcoming Sponsor Media Partner Got a news tip? Above: A horde of Freakers chases Deacon St. John in Days Gone. Image Credit: Sony. Above: Deacon St.